Oreo Cream Cheese Stuffed Red Velvet Brownies and Other Red Velvet Treats

February 10, 2015

Any red velvet flavored dessert is perfect for Valentine's Day.  Not only are they festive but who can resist the pairing of a rich chocolate dessert with the tang of cream cheese frosting?  If you love red velvet treats, you can go wrong with any one of these desserts.  They are both decadent and delicious.

Red Velvet Sweetheart Cookies
Recipe from Eat Cake for Dinner

Keep things simple with these buttery red velvet sweetheart cookies.  To keep things rich and interesting, these already decadent cookies are topped with milk chocolate and cookies and cream heart chocolates.

Mini Red Velvet Bundt Cakes
Recipe from A Simple Pantry

What is red velvet without the cream cheese frosting? In my opinion, it is just a boring cake.  These mini bundt cakes load up on the frosting so that each bite has equal amounts of moist crumbly cake and tart creamy frosting.  A few chocolate M&M's don't hurt either.

Red Velvet Crepe Cake
Recipe from Sweet and Savory by Shinee

If you have never had a crepe cake before, this red velvet crepe cake with cream cheese frosting is a must-have dessert.  Layers upon layers of tender red velvet crepes (about 20 of them) are stacked with cream cheese frosting and garnished with sweet heart sprinkles. 

Red Velvet Cheesecake
Recipe from Life, Love and Sugar

This red velvet cheesecake doubles up on the cream cheese.  Not only is there cream cheese in the batter but also in the whipped cream topping.  The mild tang flavor balances the rich chocolate flavor perfectly.  You can make this dessert ahead of time and chill it in the fridge until the cheesecake is ready to serve.

Oreo Cream Cheese Stuffed Red Velvet Brownies
Recipe from Taste and Tell

When you can't decide between brownies and Oreos, these dynamite Oreo red velvet bars give you the best of both worlds.  Homemade red velvet brownie batter is layered with the cream cheese mixture (cream cheese, sugar and crushed Oreos) to create a stacked effect.  These brownies definitely lean toward the fudgy side.

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