Fast Food Worker Fired For Giving Gunman Money in Register

April 22, 2015

A manager at a Texas fast food restaurant was fired just a day and a half after being robbed at gunpoint on her shift. 

Marissa Holcomb, the shift manager of a Popeye's restaurant in Channelview was working on March 31st, when an armed gunman came in and forced all the employees to the ground. Then, he made Holcomb, who is 5 months pregnant, to the register to empty the drawer. 

The gunman got away with $400. Later, one of Holcomb's managers told her that she had to pay the money back or get fired. 

Now, she is looking for work. 

The official spokesperson for the franchise owner, explained that Marissa was fired because there was too much money in the register, to which Holcomb said that the money in the register was from the busy hour prior to the robbery. 

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