5 Mint Juleps to Sip on Derby Day

April 23, 2015

Mint juleps are as much apart as the Kentucky Derby as the grandiose hats and the race horses themselves.  The key to a perfect mint julep is using Kentucky bourbon.  If you really want to be authentic, serve your cocktails in silver cups over crushed ice.  Check out the many ways you can shake up a mint julep. 

Classic Derby Mint Juleps
Recipe from PDX Food Love

If you have never had the pleasure of sipping on a mint julep, I suggest starting with the classic recipe.  Aside from ice, all you will need is fresh mint, Kentucky bourbon and simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar).

Blackberry Honey Mint Juleps
Recipe from The Cookie Rookie

Blackberry honey mint julep is a twist on the classic Derby Day cocktail.  This drink leans on the sweeter side because it contains both sugar and honey.  You can shake up this cocktail with any berry puree.

Rhubarb Mint Juleps
Recipe from Dirty Laundry Kitchen

Rhubarb mint juleps celebrate spring.  This seasonal stalk adds tartness to this otherwise sweet concoction.

Sweet Tea Mint Juleps
Recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen

Sweet tea and mint juleps are signature drinks of the south so it is only natural that the two would go well together.

Matcha Mint Juleps
Recipe from The Bonjon Gourmet

Watch the most exciting 2 minutes in sports with a matcha mint julep in hand.  The grassy notes of the matcha pair perfectly with the fresh mint and musty bourbon.

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