A Fourth of July Popsicle Round up

July 3, 2015

Remember those days as a child, when you played in the sprinkler until you were exhausted and then eating cool, fruity popsicles in the shade while calculating your next freestyle move. We have found some popsicle recipes that will appeal to the kid in you, although they are a little more high end than the frozen Koolaid style we all ate as kids. Everyone will love these fresh fruit and yogurt filled concoctions, while admiring the layers of festive red, white, and blue coloring. 

It's a good time to be a kid. 

Red White and Blue Popsicles Refined Sugar Free

From Real Food Whole Life

Red White and Blue Popsicles

From Superman Cooks

Berry Yogurt Popsicles 

From Fearless Homemaker

Red White and Blue Smoothie Pops

From The Cookie Rookie

Red White and Blue Fruit Pops

From Jamonkey



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