Video Tutorial: How to Decorate these Epic Christmas Cookies

December 15, 2015

If you are active on social media, then you might have seen this cookie decorating tutorial from Sweet Ambs circulating among foodie circles.  This Nordic style decorated cookie is nothing short of impressive and is guaranteed to demand attention when placed on the dessert table.  The miniature reindeer are eye catching and would be festive on any sugar cookie.  I would transfer this design onto a sweater shaped cookie to create a Christmas sweater cookie.

 While beautiful, it should be noted that decorating sugar cookies with royal icing is a lengthy task because it has to be done in stages.  You must wait for the first layer to completely dry before moving on with the second.  This tutorial is quite intricate so I would plan to do this on a day where you are planning to stay at home and can enjoy the process.

Foodista has several royal icing and sugar cookie recipes that will jump start your holiday cookie decorating party.  Check out the video below for cookie decorating tips and tricks.

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