Grassfed Beef Fit For A King

April 22, 2016

As a family farmer, I believe in raising my animals in the healthiest manner possible. My livestock's health is critical to my family's health, and that is why I choose grass fed meats. Recently, I was asked to try a grass-fed beef, from a company that is all about transparency and good stewardship. Pre Brand Grass-fed Beef has many qualities that made me want to give them a try. From the packaging to plate their product is superior to anything I have ever tasted. 

The packaging is designed to allow you to see a 360 degree view of each piece. Vacuum-sealing keeps the meat perfectly fresh and it looks beautiful, exactly as if it were from our own inventory on the farm. Because the beef is grass-fed, it contains up to 46% less calories and up to 68% less fat, but the biggest difference is the taste. The full, rich taste of the beef shines. From burger to steak, this is an incredible tasting experience. 

When sampling my steak, I cooked it exactly as the package suggested; heating the pan on high, and cooking for 8 minutes per side. Then, I rested the meat for the full 10 minutes before serving. Since I wanted to try the true, unaltered flavor of the meat, I only seasoned with salt and pepper before cooking. The results were perfection. 

The only cons I could say are mostly aesthetic. Grass-fed beef is not your average grocery store cut of meat. It is darker, a natural red and not the bright pink you may be used to. There is also blood in the package that may be different from what you normally see in a plastic wrapped Styrofoam tray package. There is also less marbling throughout the steak. This isn't a bad thing. The meat has a bit of fat on it, but it isn't the same as you often see from the grocery store. The fat that is present isn't pure white either. It has a warmer, almost cream color. Very normal and worth tasting! 

I will always prefer to use the animals I raise on the farm, but PRE beef would have a place on my table anytime. It is exceptional. 

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