Quick and Easy Homemade Pho

June 12, 2016

A favorite school day lunch on our farm probably isn't what you might expect. We enjoy a homemade version of Pho, the Vietnamese rice noodle and rich broth soup, that includes amazing seasonings and plenty of filling ingredients. I have to stop you right now if you are a purist. This is not the Pho you would find in an authentic Vietnamese restaurant. It's sort of an homage to this simple soup with such a complex depth of flavor. Every time I make it, I reflect on how so much can come from such a simple offering. So with that, let's talk flavors:

Think of Pho, or my homemade Pho, as a beef broth bowl with lots of good ingredients that will fill up my family and be the perfect lunch after a morning of lessons. What makes it different from a regular bowl of soup is the unique spices that flavor that broth. Spices like Star Anise, Cinnamon stick, ginger are just some of those base notes. You will have an unforgettable foil for the entire dish.

I also have another tip about the noodles. You can use rice noodles (love them!) but I prefer fresh ramen noodles. These only need to be heated and ladling hot broth over them is enough to make them just hot enough. I find them in the grocery store, near the produce department. If your store sells fresh wonton wrappers, that is usually where the fresh Ramen noodles are kept.

One final thought before sharing a much clearer recipe for making this family favorite. When the bowls of steaming soup are ready to pass around the table, add a soft boiled egg that has been cut in half, to the bowl. This final bit of protein makes it the most satisfying lunch for all your little chefs. Rice Noodle and Beef Soup Foodista. com Pho

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