Summer Must-Have: Colorful Silicone Wine Glasses from Bendiware

May 1, 2017

Say goodbye to drinking out of boring Solo Cups and hello to sipping out of these fun and colorful silicone wine glasses from Bendiware! Bendi’s are perfect for both indoor and outdoor entertaining and are great for any drink - wine, cocktails, mocktails, even plain old ice water (our 6-year-old loves her own special pink one).

The lightweight silicone “glasses” won’t break and are super flexible and bendable. Fold them and pack them up in a backpack, cooler, beach bag, or picnic basket and they’ll pop back into their original shape and ready to be filled with your favorite beverage. They also come in a variety of fun colors like frosted white, orange, hot pink, purple, and blue. We have them on our boat (sailing + glassware = not good) and some we use at home when we entertain outside with our friends and kids (kids + glassware = also not good). A set of 4 is only $24.95 or 2 for just $16.95 (get 10% off with their spring sale). I recommend getting a colorful variety to liven up your entertaining!

Bye, bye broken glassware!

Bendiware silicone glasses

Bendiware silicone glassware


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