Easter Trivia: What Are the Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors in America?

March 24, 2018

jelly beans

Will you think less of me if I admit to loving buttered popcorn-flavored Jelly Beans? My daughter thinks I'm gross. I'm not alone though as it's America's favorite flavor as well, followed by Black Licorice and Cinnamon, which I also adore and hand pick out of my daughter's stash each Easter. I feel so predictable. So average. Couldn't I love the more obscure Pomegranate or my own State's favorite Juicy Pear

Easter is just around the corner and soon all parents, like me, will be filling colorful baskets with bunny-shaped chocolates and Jelly Beans of every hue and flavor (especially Buttered Popcorn). Below is a fun infographic showing the favorite Jelly Bean flavor of each state, scroll over your taste to see the top flavor. Also, check out the top Jelly Bean flavors - where do you stack up?

Source: 10+ years online candy sales data from CandyStore.com.