Chinese Woman Gets Chopstick Removed From Eye After 11 Years

July 13, 2011

After 11 years, a Chinese woman named Ci Yang finally got a plastic chopstick removed from her eye. The 6 cm chopstick became lodged in her right eye after she slipped and fell into her dining table; since she received anti-inflammation treatment at the time and recovered successfully, she didn't see the need to have it removed.

Yang finally had the chopstick removed after she contracted an eye infection and suffered from severe swelling. Doctor Xu Zhe said, "She was very lucky the chopstick penetrated the gap between her eye and her eye socket, which is why her vision was unaffected."

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Ouch! I would have used the other one to dig it out myself!

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Only you would think of that! :D
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This makes my eyes water just thinking about it. Last winter, Bekah scratched a trench out of my cornea with her wee little fingernail. I was in agony ~agony~ for about 4 days and a lot of pain for 2 weeks, then just irritation for what seemed like forever. I can't even imagine....