McDonald's Coffee Ad Stirs Up Controversy

June 10, 2011

Another McDonald's advertisement is stirring up controversy, though this one is limited to New York City. A rider noticed the following advertisement while riding to work one day. The quality of the image is poor and the corner appears to obstruct some of the ad, but the message is still clear. 

The implication appears to be that no one would want to travel to Rockaway. Or that's certainly how some local residents read it. “I can assure the marketing boys over at McDonald’s that most people don’t wind up in the Rockaways by accident,” City Councilman James Sanders said in a statement. “They come for the beauty, serenity and entertainment that our peninsula offers, especially in the hot summer months when our beaches are overrun with visitors from Manhattan who flock to our shores.”

A McDonald's representative said the offensive ad was being pulled from the train immediately and apologized to anyone who was offended by it. Sanders said Ronald McDonald (the mascot of McDonalds) was no longer welcome in Rockaway. 

Is the councilman overreacting or is his anger justified? 

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Laurie's picture

If Rockaway is the end of that particular train line, I don't see it as any kind of slight at all. It's saying if you need to stay awake and not miss your stop, you should pick up an iced coffee from McDonald's. People are so easily offended... sheesh.

Erik's picture

To be completely honest i know a TON of people, myself included, that have passed out on the train and woke up in Far Rockaway. I think this ad is genious for those of us who have experienced that annoyance.

Lala's picture

Laurie, I could not agree with you more. People are so quick to freak out.

Deb Zingg's picture

It is the same as saying ending up in Timbuktu..a very real place as well. The councilman is a tad touchy in opinion LOL

Renee's picture

Apparently the Rockaway residents snub their noses at visitors. I agree with Erik and Laurie. Good thinking on the advertisors part! Leave the ad be. Somebody needs to take a stand once in a while. Those who don't like it can ignore it.