Tool: Onion Goggles


A tool created to prevent crying while chopping onions. Designed in the shape of glasses and looking much like swimming goggles.


Other names: Onion Glasses
Translations: Sīpoli Aizsargbrilles, Svogūnų akiniai, Ceapa ochelari de protecţie, Onion Naočale, Hành Goggles, Cebula gogle, Ui Goggles, प्याज काले चश्मे, Лук очки, Κρεμμύδι γυαλιά, البصل نظارات, 양파 감독님, Cibulový brýle, Bawang Goggles, Sibuyas salaming de kolor, 洋葱护目镜, Ceba Ulleres, Čebula očala, Cibuľový okuliare, Cipolla Occhiali, בצל משקפי מגן, Lök Goggles, Лук Маске, オニオンゴーグル, Løg Goggles, Cebolla Gafas, Цибуля окуляри, Sipuli suojalasit, Лук очила

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Helen Pitlick's picture

I totally have a pair of these! My mom gave them to me as a housewarming present. I've used them once.

amy pennington's picture

Tip from and old friend in Brooklyn & her Italian grandmother - hold a piece of bread in your mouth while you're slicing onions. It works! I think I'd prefer THAT then these silly goggles - not sexy!

Curt's picture

Back in 1987 I was a chef at an athletic club which included a swimming & diving pool. Many swim teams practiced there on a daily basis. My cooks had lockers in the Boys locker room (my locker was in the men's locker room). Kids left stuff everywhere. One day a couple of dishwashers came up to the kitchen, knowing they were going to have to peel onions that day, carrying swimming goggles they had found laying around in the locker room. They tried them and, low and behold, they worked. After that any dishwasher who had to peel onions used those goggles. I'm betting a cheap pair of swimming goggles from the local sporting goods store are much cheaper than the 'onion goggles' listed above.

Melissa Peterman's picture

That is hilarious Curt! I've seen a friend use ski googles, but they didn't work too well. Amy, I have heard the bread trick before- need to try this out, seems like an old wives tale, but what do I know?! The trick I use is to stick my head in the freezer, (or a kitchen walk-in) the air dries out your eyes and takes the sting away.

Lavendare's picture

Full proof, no tears and pain-free way to cut any member of the onion family.

One of my students has a pair in pink. She brings them to class with her every week. All the students love to borrow them. It's always great fun to see them sporting the pink onion glasses.