No California Love From Dunkin Donuts

September 19, 2011

Though they have locations in 31 countries around the world, ranging from Pakistan to Aruba to Brunei, Dunkin' Donuts is not ready to expand into California— yet.  The coffee and donut chain announced plans to expand into the west last month, but apparently those plans do not include California. 

Dunkin' enjoys what the company calls "cult status" in the Northeast, where the chain was founded. Right now, about half of the company's stores are located outside of the Northeast. The current expansion plans will stop in New Mexico to the disappointment of Californian fans of the chain. 

“As we expand our footprint across the U.S., it will be part of our strategy, but for now, we don’t have a time set for California,”John Dawson, chief development officer for Dunkin’ Brands, told the Los Angeles Times. “But when we enter, we’re going to enter strong, and it’ll be something very few people will miss.”

There is Dunkin' branded coffee available in California stores. 

Is anyone disappointed by the lack of California Love from Dunkin' Donuts? 

I expect this guy is bummed. He drove six hours from California to Phoenix in search of Dunkin Donuts, but found it closed. 

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Sam's picture

I grew up in CA and I remember a Dunkin' where I lived in the 60's

Sharon's picture

Being a native Californian, I grew up
with Dunkin Donuts. But in last years they have left us and they
are sadly missed! Come Back Dunkin Donuts we miss you!

jerald's picture

no that in not ok why deny california its donuts and pizza please CiCis come to us if not I am moving out