$240,000 Chocolate Praline by Paul Wittamer and Fabienne Lascar

November 30, 2011

Would you pony up for a $240,000 chocolate praline? Chocolatier Paul Wittamer hopes so; he's teamed up with jeweler Fabienne Lascar for a dessert so decadent that it's officially the most expensive chocolate praline in the world.

What goes into a $240,000 chocolate praline, anyway? Dark ganache, ginger, edible gold leaf, caramel and a 3.63-carat diamond garnish. For another super-expensive sweet, check out this $35,000 edible Faberge egg.

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I was visiting Brussells for the first time and on a tv show the host Burt Wolf said that the best chocolates were the Wittamer .I asked everyone on the streets and reached while they were shooting a tv interview .they asked if I wanted to be part of it .I accepted right away .they made try the best chocolates I ever try in my life .at the end Paul Wittamer gave me as a gift the pieces I was planning to pay .I would love to see this interview.it was November 25 th this year 2011 . I hope to hear from you guys.I was wearing a black leather jacket.than you so much