Cutlass Fish


Cutlass fish, common name for any of a group of long, thin-bodied fishes found in tropical and subtropical oceans, mostly in deep water.

Scientific classification: Cutlass fish are members of the Trichiuridae family, in the perch order Perciformes. The Atlantic cutlass fish is classified as Trichiurus lepturus and the Pacific cutlass fish as Trichiurus nitens.


Other names: Hairtails, Scabbardfishes, Walla Walla
Translations: Cutlass Zivis, Cutlass Žuvys, Cutlass de peşte, Riba Cutlass, Ryb Cutlass, Cutlass Vis, Cutlass मछली, Fish Cutlass, Катласс рыбы, Γιαταγάνι Ψάρια, السيف المقوس الأسماك, 커틀러스 피쉬, Šavle Ryby, Cutlass Ikan, Balila, 带鱼, Matxet de peix, Kratka sablja Fish, Meče Ryby, הקטלאס פיש, Cutlass Fisk, Кратка сабља Риба, カットラスフィッシュ, Fish Cutlass, Cataplanas, Cutlass Fisk, Machete de pescado, Катласс риби, Miekka Fish, Cutlass риба

Physical Description

The cutlass fish has a pointed snout, a long dorsal (back) fin that extends the length of its body, and a tapered thin tail. Its numerous teeth are large and sharp. Eel-like in appearence

Colors: usually silverish blue in color, some varieties feature colored stripes in gold, blue, or red

Tasting Notes

Flavors: High in fat,



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