Beauty Tangerine


The Beauty is highly popular in Queensland, Australia where climatic conditions favor the production of large, superior quality fruit. They are medium in size with a thin, firm rind that is easily removed. The surface is smooth and glossy with an orange-red color. The flesh is tender and juicy.


Translations: Grožio Tangerine, Làm đẹp Tangerine, Salon Tangerine, सौंदर्य कीनू, Beleza Tangerine, Красота Tangerine, Ομορφιά Tangerine, الجمال اليوسفي, 뷰티 귤, Krása Tangerine, Kecantikan Tangerine, Pampaganda dalanghita, 美容柑橘, Bellesa Tangerine, Krása Tangerine, Bellezza Tangerine, יופי Tangerine, Љепота Тангерине, 美容タンジェリン, Beauté Tangerine, Belleza Tangerine, Краса Tangerine, Kauneudesta Tangerine, Красота Мандарина



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