Japanese Scientist Makes Fake Meat From Human Feces

June 14, 2011

Japanese researcher Mitsuyuki Ikeda has come up with perhaps the greenest alternative to the livestock industry yet: he's engineered fake meat from human feces. Ikeda's artificial meat is made from extracting lipids and protein from "sewage mud," combining these lipids with a reaction enhancer and putting the whole thing in an exploder to combine it. Steak sauce and soy sauce add saltiness and a dash of umami to the fake meat.

Mitsyuki Ikeda's fake meat from human feces may not float your proverbial boat, but it's an innovative form of food production that reuses one of the most renewable substances on the planet. Ikeda notes that the "burgers" are low in fat and, because they don't rely on livestock, won't raise carbon emissions or waste.

Check out a video of Mitsuyuki Ikeda's fake meat from human feces below. Would you ever eat one of these poop-sourced patties?

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gothchiq's picture

That is utterly unacceptable on all possible levels. It is against nature. Our bodies remove these substances for a reason! This person needs a full psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Anonymous's picture

You're a fxcking idiot!!

Mr.Logical's picture

Its people like gotchiq that stop the advancement of this species, telling us what we are doing is "against nature" while ignoring the fact that half of the food that we eat is filled with fecal matter in it (read your FDA regulations and see how much ACTUAL waste is in your food). Learn to open your mind and expand or else like the weak out in the savage world, you can just die out.

Anonymous's picture

all i can say is if someone has aids or another gross ness disease he shits and someone else eats it do i get aids ... wheres the nutrition in the thing the body already extracted what it could now your gonna have to eat my shit ....wash it down with a fresh steaming hot glass of my piss vintage 2011....
get real and kill a poor defence less animal with no chance in the wild and no chance in the cities you gotta eat what you invest in and i certainly aint willingly investing in poop burgers etc...

B's picture

like the week in the savage world you can just die out????? i must be among the strong cause we live off the land just fine. my family farms and grows crop we hunt fish and even dig for natures veggies like ramps merrels onions cat tails and indian turnips. but we dont eat poop. i feel poop eating is a sign that the rest of the civilized world has lost all self control and respect.i understand that cultural difrences can be blinding but i have never seen a culture that ate poo, some time people but not poo. we have began to manipulate nature in such a way that we are so far from green its unreal. try putting the smart phones down and picking up a spade and garden a little

Jeff's picture

The Yes Men invented this, years ago.

Anonymous's picture

the scientist looks like the guy from Star Trek

Anonymous's picture

soilent green is people!!!!!!

Rook's picture

And soylent brown is made of turds!!!

Saskatoon Bagel's picture

So it this technically vegan then? Vegetarian? Either?