4 Foods to Buy that Are Not Organic

March 28, 2011

carrot in the soil

Going all-organic is all the rage. We buy all-natural fruits, vegetables, and things like clothes and blankets.  But since organic foods are not exactly friendly to your pocket,  here are some foods that can feel good about buying: 1. Avocados – It is safe to eat fruits and vegetables with thick skin like avocado.  Get rid of the residue on the skin by washing thoroughly before peeling or slicing. 2. Eggs – According to research, factory eggs do not contain higher content of contaminants compared to organic eggs. Chickens are not given growth hormones that affect egg laying. 3. Frozen Food – Food frozen in plastic bags does contain high quantities of contaminants. On the contrary, risk of chemicals getting into food is amplified by heat. Remove the food from the plastic before heating or cooking. 4. Spices – The small amount you consume or use in cooking does not lead to any potential health risks.



Lucy's picture

In #3 I think you meant "Food frozen in plastic bags does ^not^ contain high quantities of contaminants."

Alejandra's picture

While I recognize that buying organic is more expensive, not everyone prefers to buy organic for personal health reasons, but for the health of farm workers, wildlife and water streams.

Chris's picture

Umm....... am in a recent dispute with the local grocer over an organic chicken. The organic Whole chicken is over $28. TWENTY EIGHT DOLLARS for one chicken. They normally run somewhere between $7-12 $15 at most. (I have a photo BTW). Organic Vs Local- I'll opt for local!

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Yes. Sorry for that. does NOT