Penne Rigate


Penne with ridged sides


Translations: ペンネリガーテ, بيني Rigate, Penne riga, Penne rigate, 펜네 Rigate, Penne rigate, Penne rigate, Penne rigate, Пенне Rigate, Penne rigate, Пенне Rigate, 彭内Rigate, Пенне Ригате, Penne rigate

Physical Description

Penne rigate is a cylinder-shaped pasta with ridges.

Colors: White, Light brown if whole-wheat

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Salty
Food complements: Marinara sause, Pesto
Substitutes: Penne lisle

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december

Preparation and Use

Cook according to package instructions.
Bring water to a boil and add salt. Add penne and cook until aldente: the interior shouldn't be white when you break the pasta.

Conserving and Storing

Penne rigate can be store on a long period of time in a pantry (dry place).


History: Penne is the plural form of the Italian penna, deriving from Latin penna (meaning "feather" or "quill").



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