Jasmine Rice


A long-grain variety of Thai rice that has a fragrant floral aroma. It is less sticky than other rice as it contains less amylopectin.


Translations: Jasmine Rīsi, ジャスミンライス, Andrius Ryžiai, رايس الياسمين, Jasmínovou ryžou, Riz au jasmin, Јасмина Рајс, Jasmin riža, Jasmínovou rýží, ג 'סמין רייס, Beras Jasmine, 재스민 라이스, चमेली चावल, Arroz del jazmín, Жасмин Райс, 香米, Jasminris, Жасмин Райс, Arròs del gessamí, Жасмин Райс

Physical Description

Colors: white

Preparation and Use

Place 1 cup rice into microwave safe bowl
with 2 cups water and microwave
uncovered for 20 min on high
perfect rice



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