Burton Pale Ale


Burton Pale Ale is an example of an English Pale Ale. The use of Crystal 120L give this beer a nice medium body as well as a pale to copper color. Kent Goldings provide a crisp bitter bite along the upper end of the bittering scale for this style. .


Translations: バートンエール, بيرتون آل بالي, Burton bere blondă, 버튼 창백한 에일, ברטון לבנבן עלה, Бартон Пале Але, Burton maputla serbesa, बर्टन पीला यवसुरा, Бертон-Пале Ale, 伯顿帕莱阿勒, Бертон-Пале Ale, Бъртън Светла Ale



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