Chicken Heart- قلوب الدجاج


Chicken hearts are grouped with the gizzard, liver and other internal organs as giblets; the giblets are often included when buying whole birds. However, chicken hearts are often packaged separately and can be grilled or sauteed as the focus of the meal.


Translations: Vistas sirds, Bailys, Pui inima, Piletina Heart, Gà Heart, Serce z kurczaka, Chicken Hart, कापुस्र्ष, Куриные сердца, Κοτόπουλο Καρδιά, الدجاج القلب, 치킨 하트, Kuřecí srdce, Pengecut, Karuwagan, 鸡心脏, Pollastre Cor, Kuracie srdce, Cuore di pollo, עוף הלב, Kyckling Heart, Пилећа срца, チキンハート, Kylling Heart, Pollo Corazón, Курячі серця, Kana Heart, Пилешки сърца



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