Brocciu Cheese


Produced on the island of Corsica, Brocciu is considered a national food. Like Ricotta, it is a young white cheese and is paired frequently with Corsican white wines. It is an unusual cheese made from either unpasteurized goat's or ewe's milk, similar to an Italian ricotta, though unlike ricotta Brocciu is lactose free. The cheese is drained in woven baskets and has a mild flavor. Some of them are salted and dried for six months, which imparts a sharp flavor. The pate is soft, sweet and smells of milk. It is usually eaten fresh, either hot or cold, within 48 hours with jam or salt and pepper. Excellent as a filling for omelets.


Translations: Brocciu Siers, Brocciu Sūriai, Brocciu Brânză, Brocciu sira, Brocciu, Brocciu पनीर, Brocciu Queijo, Brocciu сыра, Brocciu Τυρί, Brocciu الجبن, Brocciu 치즈, Brocciu Sýry, Brocciu Keju, Brocciu奶酪, Brocciu Formatge, Brocciu Sir, Brocciu Syry, Brocciu Formaggio, Brocciu גבינה, Brocciu Ost, Броцциу сир, Brocciuチーズ, Brocciu fromage, Brocciu, Brocciu Queso, Brocciu сиру, Brocciu Juusto, Brocciu сирене

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