Onion Powder


Onion Powder is a flavorful white substance made from grinding dehydrated onions. It has a long shelf life and can be used in any recipe that calls for fresh onions.


Other names: Powder De Onion
Translations: Sīpolu pulveris, Svogūnų milteliai, Pulbere de ceapa, Hành Powder, Uienpoeder, प्याज पाउडर, Cebola em pó, Порошок лука, Κρεμμύδι σε σκόνη, مسحوق البصل, 양파 분말, Cibulový Prášek, Sibuyas Powder, 洋葱粉, Ceba en pols, Čebula v prahu, Cibuľový Prášok, Cipolla in polvere, אבקת בצל, Lökpulver, Лук у праху, オニオンパウダー, Poudre d'oignon, Zwiebelpulver, Løgpulver, Cebolla en polvo, Порошок лука, Sipulijauhe, Прах лук

Physical Description

Colors: Off White, light brown

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Salty, Onion
Mouthfeel: Grainy
Food complements: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Vegetable.
Beverage complements: Bloody mary
Substitutes: Finely chopped fresh onion

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Choosing onion powder by brand at your local grocer.
Buying: You can purchase Onion Powder at your local grocery store in the spice section.
Procuring: Onion powder is manufactured.

Preparation and Use

Onion powder is a spice used for seasoning in cooking. It is made from finely ground dehydrated onions, mainly the pungent varieties of bulb onions, which causes the powder to have a very strong smell.

Cleaning: No cleaning is necessary.

Conserving and Storing

In a bottle or in Tupperware.



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