The Sarah Shahi Diet

October 20, 2012

Sarah Shahi was named TV's Hottest Female of 2012 by Maxim magazine. As a beautiful actress in great shape, it is not hard to see why. When it comes to her diet, Shahi tends to stick to the same foods on a daily basis. 

"Most days start off as a race to get out of the house. I take my son to school every morning then go straight to the gym," Shahi explains. "I eat a Think Thin bar, brownie crunch is my fave with an Americano. Depending on the day, lunch can be another bar or a salad or some sort -- the more greens, the better. Dinner is almost always a fish with steamed veggies." 

When working out, Shahi sticks to a combination of dance, running, and weight training with a bit of yoga and cycling thrown in for fun. 

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