Ackawi Cheese- جبنه عكاويه


Ackawi is a Middle Eastern cow's milk cheese native to ِthe city of Akka in Palestine. It is a soft white cheese with a smooth texture and a mild salty taste. Commonly used as a table cheese, it is considered good by itself or paired with fruit.


Other names: Akawi Cheese, Akawieh Cheese
Translations: Ackawi Siers, Ackawi Sūriai, Ackawi Brânză, Ackawi sira, Ackawi Kaas, Ackawi पनीर, Ackawi Queijo, Ackawi сыра, Ackawi Τυρί, Ackawi الجبن, Ackawi 치즈, Ackawi Sýry, Ackawi Keju, Ackawi奶酪, Ackawi Formatge, Ackawi Sir, Ackawi Syry, Ackawi Formaggio, Ackawi גבינה, Ackawi Ost, Ацкави сир, Ackawiチーズ, Ackawi fromage, Ackawi Queso, Ackawi сиру, Ackawi Juusto, Ackawi сирене



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