Queso Fresco


Based on the Spanish cheese Burgos, queso fresco is one of the most favorite Mexican cheeses. It is fresh cheese of various sizes and shapes made from a mixture of cow's and goat's milk. It has a grainy feel and very mild, fresh acidity. It is used for grilling and baking and it can also be used in salads. When heated, it softens but does not melt.


Translations: ケソフレスコ, Queso فريسكو, Queso freska, Queso פרסקו, Куесо Фреска, Queso 프레스코, Queso pagpipinta sa pader, Queso फ्रेस्को, Queso Фреско, Queso壁画, Queso Фреско, Formatge Fresc, Queso Стенопис



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