Alexander Apple


"Alexander is a typical representative of the class of Russian apples commonly known as the Aport group. Fruit very large, attractive red or striped, coarse in texture, medium to good in quality, suitable for culinary rather than for dessert use. The fruit is apt to crack and decay about the stem and calyx and often becomes discolored where it is chafed by constantly rubbing against some twig or branch; there is also a considerable loss from premature dropping of the fruit. Notwithstanding these faults many fruit growers now regard Alexander favorably as a commercial variety as in some markets there is a strong demand for the fruit at good prices. It is being used to some extent for export trade. Its season begins in September and extends through October or into November. It may be held in cold storage till November. It goes down quickly and as it does not stand heat well before going into storage it should be shipped the day it is picked and under ice


Other names: Great Alexander
Translations: Αλέξανδρος Apple, Aleksandras Apple, الكسندر أبل, アレクサンダーアップル, 알렉산더 애플, אלכסנדר אפל, Александар јабука, अलेक्जेंडर एप्पल, Олександр Apple, 亚历山大苹果, Александр Apple, Александър Apple

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: september, opctober
Peak: september, opctober



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