The Whisk Necklace is a Wearable Kitchen Utensil

September 22, 2011

This whisk necklace features an adorable wire pendant that looks and functions like a full-sized whisk. The whisk measures just 1.5 inches long, and the necklace comes with a tiny handmade bowl.

Looking for more cooking-inspired jewelry like the whisk necklace? Consider the Baker's Cupcake necklace, which features charms shaped like an itty-bitty baking pan and measuring spoons.

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Marie Wendel's picture

Where can you purchase this? I absolutely lovve it!

Marie Wendel's picture

Never mind, I found it! And ordered it! Can't wait to get it!

Emily's picture

where did you find it marie? i'd love to have the whisk and the cupcake necklaces!

Marie Wendel's picture

Emily, sorry didn't see the reply button before. I posted a new comment the info.

sina's picture

hey, i want what the price of the necklace and how purchase it?

Marie Wendel's picture

@ Emily, just click the link above where it says "Image Sources: YOUgNEEK". That's who made the necklace and it will take you right to her page where you can buy it. I bought the whisk for my daughter who is a chef. She loved it! She's worn it to work a few times. It's is just the cutest thing! And very reasonably priced too!