Oxtail is the culinary name for the beef tail. It's a bony, gelatinous meat that is usually slow-cooked, stewed, or braised. It also is a good stock base for soups. Oxtail is the main ingredient of the Italian dish coda alla vaccinara.


Other names: Beef Oxtail
Translations: Vērša astu, Ogonowa, Din coadă de bou, Goveđi rep, Ogonowa, Ossenstaart, ऑक्सटेल, Rabada, Бычьих хвостов, ذيل الثور, 소꼬리, Oháňka, Buntut, 牛尾, Cua de bou, Goveji rep, Ohanka, Coda di bue, זנב שור, Oxsvans, Говеђи реп, オックステール, Queue de boeuf, Ochsenschwanz, Rabo de toro, Бичачих хвостів, Говежда опашка

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