Smoked Herring


The Bloaters are a type of smoked herring, the fish is smoked whole, with its innards intact.
The Kipper is a whole herring, that has been split from tail to head, gutted, salted or pickled, and cold smoked.
The Buckling is a form of hot-smoked herring similar to the kipper and the bloater. The head and guts are removed but the roes remain.


Other names: Bloaters, Kipper, Buckling (Fish)
Translations: Kūpinātas siļķes, Rūkyta silkė, Hering afumat, Dimljeni Herring, Hun khói Herring, Wędzony śledź, Gerookte haring, धूम्रपान मछली, Arenque fumado, Копченой сельди, Καπνιστά Ρέγγα, يدخن الرنغة, 훈제 헤링, Uzené sledě, Herring diasap, Pinausukan Herring, 熏鲱鱼, Arengada Fumat, Dimljene Herring, Údené slede, Aringa affumicata, הרינג מעושן, Rökt sill, Димљена Харинга, スモークヘーリング, Hareng fumé, Bückling, Røget Sild, Røkt sild, Arenque Ahumado, Копченої оселедця, Savustettu silakka, Пушена херинга

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Oily fish

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