Ghost Chile Pepper


The Guinness Book of World Records classifies the ghost chile as the world's hottest pepper. The pepper grows in the Indian regions of Nagaland and Manipur, where it is called "Bhut Jolokia," and the Sylhet region of Bangladesh.

This chili, believed to be a cure for stomach ailments, is commonly served in sauce or eaten raw.


Other names: Bhut Jolokia
Translations: Ghost Čīle Pepper, Dvasios Čilė pipirai, Chile Ghost Pepper, Ghost Čile Pepper, Ghost Chili Pepper, भूत चिली मिर्च, Ghost Pepper Chile, Призрак Чили Пеппер, Ghost Χιλή πιπεριών, شيلي الفلفل الشبح, 고스트 칠레 페퍼, Ghost Chile pepř, Ghost Chili Pepper, 智利辣椒鬼, Esperit Xile Pepper, Ghost Chile korenie, Ghost Pepper Cile, רוח צ 'ילה פפר, Дух Чиле бибер, ゴーストチリペッパー, Pepper Ghost Chili, Espíritu Chile Pepper, Привид Чилі Пеппер, Светият Чили пипер

Physical Description

When ripe, the Bhut Jolokia pepper has a red or orange color and measures about 2.5 in. to 3.5 in. long and about 1 in. wide. The pepper looks very similar to the Habanero chili pepper; thought, the texture is rougher and the appearance has a more dented look.

Colors: red, orange

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Spicy
Mouthfeel: Extremely hot
Food complements: Use in sauces
Wine complements: Pinot gris
Beverage complements: Water - it is hot!
Substitutes: Habanero

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: Fresh and spicy smelling, no blemishes or wrinkling.
Buying: Limited availability, generally available only in the Indian Northeast region. A sauce can be purchased on line.
Procuring: This "Bhut Jolokia" cannot be grown in all regions however; it seems it is better suited in the hilly regions, heat and humidity of Assam and the Indian Northeast regions.

Preparation and Use

The Bhut Jolokia pepper has many uses including to spice up food or to be eaten on its own. Other uses for the Bhut Jolokia pepper are included in remedies for stomach ailment, and as a remedy to the summer heat as it will increase perspiration when ingested.

Cleaning: Wash well with cool, clean water and dry.

Conserving and Storing

Store un-cut out side of refrigerator, and cut inside.


The Bhut Jolokia (also known as Naga Jolokia, Naga Morich, or the Ghost Chili) is a type of chili pepper which originated in the Assam region of northeast India. The Indian states of Nagaland and Manipur have also been known to grow the Bhut Jolokia pepper.

History: People in India have been eating this pepper for generations, besides its use as a spice it is used to cure stomach troubles and also a way to fight the summer heat



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