Quark Cheese


Quark (or qvark) is a fresh Central European curd cheese. It is soft, white and unaged and unsalted, similar to fromage frais. It has much lower fat content than cream cheese, and about the same as yogurt.


Other names: White Cheese, Topfen, Kwark
Translations: Biezpiena siers, Varškė Sūriai, Quark Brânză, Quark sirom, Quark Kaas, क्वार्क पनीर, Queijo Quark, Кварк сыра, Quark Τυρί, كوارك الجبن, 쿼크 치즈, Quark Sýry, 夸克干酪, Quark formatge, Quark Sir, Quark Syry, Quark formaggio, קווארק גבינה, Quark Ost, Кварк сир, クオークチーズ, Quark fromage, Quark, Quark queso, Кварк сиру, Kvarkki Juusto, Quark сирене

Physical Description

Traditional quark cheese is pale cream to white in color, very thick, and creamy. It can resemble dairy items like ricotta cheese and cream cheese. It is white and can be crumbly. It can also come in a block or ball.

Colors: White

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet, Sour, Bitter
Mouthfeel: Soft, Mild
Food complements: Fruit
Wine complements: White wines
Substitutes: Ricotta, Sour cream, Yogurt

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, opctober, november, december
Buying: Outside Europe, it is possible to find quark, although it may take a bit of hunting, depending on where you live. When you do find it, it may be a bit expensive, as this cheese is a bit fragile, requiring careful handling along the way to market. Quark cheese can also be made at home, if you are comfortable with the cheesemaking process; this cheese is relatively easy to make.
Procuring: It is made by heating milk, mixing it with a culture, and then stirring the milk as it curdles. The stirring keeps the quark cheese creamy, ensuring that it will be smooth, rather than grainy. Once the cheese has thickened, it is hung in a cheesecloth bag to allow the whey to drain off, and then it is typically packed into a small clay or glass pot for storage.

Preparation and Use

You can use it on breads and crackers, or eat it like cottage cheese. You can make this into a snack as a topping with anything you might like. Quark-cheese can also be made into cheesecake.
People use it in many ways because it is in a way similar to ricotta cheese.

Cleaning: This product does not need to be cleaned.

Conserving and Storing

You should store this item in your refrigerator, covered.


It is a common European cheese, especially popular in Germany. Quark is gaining popularity in the US because of its versatility.

History: Classically, quark is made without rennet, which means that this cheese is safe for vegetarians and observant Jews to eat. Because Jewish dietary law forbids the consumption of meat and milk together, a kosher cheese cannot contain rennet.



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