Sci-Fi Toaster

November 6, 2009

How nice would it be to actually SEE when your toast is done?'ll have to wait a wee-bit longer.  The manufacturer is still working on the glass technology to enable enough heat to actually toast the bread.  But hey - it's something to look forward to!




tony's picture

oh i want one of these....very cool indeed.

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FoodFitnessFreshair's picture

This looks amazing! I definitely think this would immediately catch on!

KMS's picture

hi foodfitnessfreshair - i completely agree!! i see every household in America having one. :)

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hi tony - me too, i can't wait. a good lesson in patience. ;)

Lawrence's picture

I like it innovative ...

who knows how it works ?

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hi lawrence - apparently, the initial design looked fabulous (as you can see) but with one fatal flaw: the glass could not heat up enough to toast the bread. so once they figure out how to source enough heat into the glass layers, they'll be in business!