Goose Fat- دهن الوز


Goose fat can be used as a spread on bread. Many people swear by goose for making roast potatoes with.There are two types of goose fat.One is brown fat and other is blonde(white)goose fat


Translations: Zosu tauki, Žąsys Riebalai, Guščija mast, Tłuszcz gęsi, Kippen vet, हंस फैट, Gordura de ganso, Гусиное сало, أوزة فات, 거위 지방, Husí sádlo, Taba ng gansa, 鹅脂肪, Greix de oca, Husacie sadlo, Grasso d'oca, שומן אווז, Гушчија маст, グースファット, La graisse d'oie, Gänsefett, Grasa de ganso, Гусяче сало, Гъша мас

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Duck fat, Lard, Pork fat, Chicken fat



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