Chili Honey on Vanilla Ice Cream

September 29, 2008

Photo:  stu_spivack

Last week I found something new - Casina Rossa Honey & Hot (Acacia Honey with Hot Pepper) - that I simply must share.  Honey as beautiful as it is sweet and hot.  A delicious addition to vanilla ice cream - sure to be a hit on corn bread, cheese cake, goat cheese, the tip of your finger.  Use your imagination, but beware, this stuff is hot.

As creamy and soothing as vanilla ice cream can be, a little drizzle of this fire adds elegance and spark to even the most mundane of evenings.  For all of you who like the hot stuff, this is something you simply must try.



Greg Bulmash's picture

Try making some homemade apple sauce (apple chunks, cooked in a bit of apple and lemon juices, then pureed) with a chipotle chile for heat and some brown sugar as a sweet counterpoint. Great on ice cream, cakes, etc. and you can control the heat levels to your liking once you get the hang of it.

We Are Never Full's picture

ohhh... ohhh... OHHHHHH! I absolutely am salivating thinking of the taste of this. LOVE the idea of the sweet and hot together mixed with the coldness of the ice cream.

Tracy Sarich's picture

WOW - love the responses to this one! Thanks all!!

Barnaby Dorfman's picture

I tasted this honey and wow! I was blown away. I've always heard that honey is a good antidote to a mouth on fire from too much this stuff struck me as a fantastic set of contrasts when I heard about it. I look forward to experimenting with it...maybe with nuts...or on some Manchego cheese...or....oh the possibilities!

Alisa's picture

oh wow! I never thought of including that in my vanilla ice cream...i'll have to take your word for it :)