Sirloin is beef steak cut from the lower portion of the ribs, continuing off the tenderloin from which filet mignon is cut.

The sirloin is divided into several types of steak: top sirloin (the most prized); the bottom sirloin, which is much larger, less tender, and is typically what is offered when one purchases sirloin steaks that are not specifically marked top sirloin; and the bottom sirloin, which connects to the sirloin tip roast.


Other names: Sirloin Steak
Translations: Muguras mīkstumu, Nugarinė, Muşchi, Pečenica, Thịt lưng của bò, Polędwica, Lendestuk van rund, Ytrefilet, Lombo de vaca, Филей, Κόντρα φιλέτο, لحم الخاصرة, 등심, Svíčková, Печеница, Solomilyo, 牛腩, Filet, Ledjem, Sviečková, Controfiletto, בשר המותן, Utskuren, Daging pinggang, サーロイン, Aloyau, Lendenfilet, Tyksteg, Solomillo, Філею, Ulkofilee, Говеждо филе

Physical Description

Colors: Bright red

Tasting Notes

Mouthfeel: Meaty, Juicy
Food complements: Mushrooms
Wine complements: Red wine, Cabernet savignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, White wine, Pinot noir, Malbec, Bordeaux, Hermitage, Barolo, Shiraz, Chateauneuf-du-pape, Barabaresco, Syrah, Red burgundy, Supertuscan, Brunello di montalcino, Dolcetto, Chianti riserva, Petite sirah, Cotes du rhone, Chianti, Red rhone, Ribera del duero, Beaujolais, Barbera, Australian shiraz, Sangiovese nw, Rioja, Red bordeaux, Bordeaux pomerol, Zin
Substitutes: Stew meat

Preparation and Use

When slicing, always cut against the grain and on the bias (45 degree angle) as thinly as possible.



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