10 Fall Dishes We Cant Wait For

September 29, 2009

In Seattle, now that fall is here, it means it starts raining. The days grow increasingly darker and the clouds rarely take a break from hanging out above the city. As a native, of course I'm sad to see the sun go for months on end, but honestly there is a big side of me that is excited to spend all evening roasting winter vegetables and drinking red wine, while a game is on in the other room. The wind and cold rain whipping leaves from the trees forces me to stay inside and convince me that it's okay to not do anything, but cook comfort food, feed it to my favorite people and not feel guilty about staying in my sweats all day long.

Cheers to Autumn!

Here are 10 Fall Dishes We Can't Wait to Cook

Curried Butternut Squash Soup on Foodista

Mushroom Spinach Soup Served At Multnohmah Falls Lodge on Foodista

Pumpkin Bread on Foodista

Apple Pie on Foodista
Mulled Cider on Foodista
New Orleans Whiskey Sauce on Foodista
French Roast Chicken on Foodista
Cranberry Orange Shortbread on Foodista
Garlicky Kale on Foodista
Goat Cheese and Porcini Ravioli on Foodista



Annielicious's picture

All I can say is YUM!!! and you are so right!!!

Melissa Peterman's picture

Thanks Annielicious!

Nancy's picture

I'm in New England and as we lose sunlight and the days get colder, I start to think about heartier recipes including soups and stews. I'll miss the casual days of summer grilled meals but love the way the kitchen draws me in the autumn.

Melissa Peterman's picture

Hi Nancy,

I hear what you are saying, fall is bittersweet in that way. Do you have a favorite soup or stew? I'm a big fan of Italian wedding soup.

Suzanne's picture

They all sound very tasty.

Sophie's picture

MMMMMMMM,...iI so love all of the dishes!! The soup sings to me & the cranberry shortbread is a must try!!

Yummie all the way,...

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