Oyster Sauce


A dark, thick, savory sauce of Chinese origin used to flavor dishes in Chinese, Thai and Filipino cooking. It is traditionally made from the caramelized juices of oysters, though there are vegetarian versions available as well.


Translations: Austeru mērce, Austrių padažu, Oyster Sos, Oestersaus, कस्तूरा सॉस, Molho de Ostras, Устричном соусе, Στρείδι Σάλτσα, صلصة المحار, 굴 소스, Ústřicovou omáčkou, Saus tiram, Talaba sarsa, 蚝油, Salsa d'Ostres, Oyster Omake, Ustricová omáčkou, Salsa di ostriche, רוטב צדפות, Ostronsås, Каменица сос, オイスターソース, Sauce aux huîtres, Salsa de Ostras, Устричному соусі, Стриди сос



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