Chocolate Chip Cookies: Gluten, Dairy + Sugar Free

August 1, 2011

In my opinion, chocolate chip cookies are the quintessential comforting dessert- right up there with chocolate cake and your mom's signature cupcakes. For those of us living with a restricted diet - for whatever reason - baking, especially, is a challenge. How do you create those perfect golden disks of crunchy-on-the-outside soft-on-the-inside chocolate-studded deliciosity without flour, sugar or butter? Well, here's how:

Click here for the Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!

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Would love this recipe, but the link requires a login and password for some reason.

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I would also love this recipe! I signed in, but it still would not give it to me.

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I would love the receipe....

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I did some tinkering and hopefully the link is active now! Sorry everyone - and check out the new recipe format!


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That's Delicious Look and yummy Food. Superb Posting for Food

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I clicked on the link but it is requiring me to enter a username and password. ???????