Round Steak


A lean, oval cut of beef from between the rump and shank.
A full-flavored top round steak has an excellent nutrition profile. This economical boneless cut is completely edible with no waste. Less tender top round steak is best when marinated 6 to 24 hours in a tenderizing marinade and then grill, broil or skillet cook. For best eating quality, cook only to medium rare and carve into thin slices.


Other names: Top round, London broil
Translations: Kārta Steiks, Apskrito Vienetų, Runda Steak, Okrugli odrezak, Vòng Steak, Kogelbiefstuk, दौर स्टेक, Круглый Стейк, Γύρος Steak, جولة ستيك, 라운드 스테이크, Kulaté Steak, 圆形牛排, Filet rodó, Okrogla Steak, Guľaté Steak, סיבוב סטייק, Rund Steak, Округли Месо, ラウンドステーキ, Rouelle, Runde Steak, Rund Steak, Filete redondo, Круглий Стейк, Pyöreä Steak, Кръгла Пържола

Physical Description

Dark red with little fat.

Colors: dark red

Tasting Notes

Food complements: Mashed potatoes, Corn or peas.
Substitutes: Cube steak

Selecting and Buying

Choosing: The US Department of Agriculture grades all US beef based on the amount of marbling (flecks of fat in the meat) and age of the animal. The higher the marbling of a cut of beef, the higher the quality. There are eight quality grades, but the top three for most consumers are Prime, Choice and Select.

Prime indicates a moderately abundant amount of marbling, which provides the most tender and flavorful meat. This is also the most expensive cut and produced in more limited amounts.

Choice (most popular with consumers) indicates moderate marbling, tenderness and taste; and Select means slight marbling. It’s the least expensive grade and does not have the same tenderness or flavor as the other two.

Preparation and Use

Round steak comes from the back end of the cow, which produces tougher, but still lean, cuts of meat. Preparation of this cut does well when roasted in moist heat, and also becomes more flavorful when using a marinade. Pot roast is a good option for this cut of beef.

Grind it up toss in some seasoned flour and fry.

Cleaning: Rinse well under cold water and pat dry.



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