Ice Milk


Ice Milk is more commonly referred to as "low fat" or "reduced-fat" ice cream. It contains at least 11%% milk solids and 2%% to 7%% fat.


Translations: Ledus Piens, Ledo Pienas, Ice Lapte, Ice mlijeka, Ice sữa, IJs Melk, बर्फ दूध, Milk Ice, Ice молока, Ice Γάλα, حليب الجليد, 아이스 밀크, Ledové mléko, Susu es, Yelo Milk, 冰牛奶, Llet Gel, Ľadové mlieko, Latte di ghiaccio, קרח חלב, Ице млека, アイスミルク, Lait glacé, Ice Mælk, Leche Hielo, Ice молока, Ice Maito, Лед Мляко



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