Aleppo Pepper


A type of pepper named after the town of Aleppo in northern Syria. It is moderately hot with a slightly raisin-like flavor and mild, cumin-like undertones. It is most commonly found crushed in flake form.


Translations: Χαλέπι Pepper, Aleppo Pipirai, حلب فلفل, Aleppo Korenie, Alep Pepper, Alep Pepper, Alepski Pepper, Aleppo Pepř, צובה פפר, Алепски бибер, 알레포 페퍼, アレッポペッパー, हैलाब पेप्पर, Alepo Pimienta, Алеппо Пеппер, Aleppo Lada, 阿勒颇辣椒, Алеппо Пеппер, Alep Pebre, Халеб пипер

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