Soft Red Winter Wheat


Soft Red Winter Wheat is a cereal that sprouts before freezing occurs, becomes dormant in winter, until the soil warms up in spring.

Soft red winter wheat has low to medium protein content with soft endosperm. The cereal is ground into flour and is used to make cakes, pastries, flat breads, and crackers. Ohio is the leading producer of soft red winter wheat followed by Arkansas and Illinois.


Other names: Winter Wheat
Translations: Soft Red Ziemas kvieši, Roşu de grâu moale de iarnă, Meke crvene ozime pšenice, Soft Red mì mùa đông, Soft Red pszenicy ozimej, Zachte rode wintertarwe, नरम लाल शीतकालीन गेहूं, Мягкий красный озимой пшеницы, Soft Red Winter Σιτάρι, القمح الاحمر الشتوي اللين, 부드러운 레드 겨울 밀, Měkké červené Ozimá pšenice, 软红冬小麦, Soft Xarxa Winter blat, Mäkké červené ozimná pšenica, Soft Red Winter frumento, חיטה רכה חורף האדום, Soft Red höstvete, Софт Црвена Зима пшеница, 軟質赤色冬小麦, Blé tendre rouge d'hiver, Soft Red Winter Hvede, Soft Red høsthvete, Soft Red Winter trigo, М'який червоний озимої пшениці, Pehmeä punainen syysvehnä, Мека пшеница Червената зима



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