Himalayan Salt Rock


Himalayan pink salt has a sea salt flavor and is rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium. Use in several culinary dishes for presentation and preserving of food.


Other names: Himalayan Salt, Pink Salt
Translations: Himalaju sāls Rock, Himalajų druska Rock, Himalaya Salt Rock, Rock Salt Himalajów, Himalaya Salt Rock, हिमालय साल्ट रॉक, Гималайский Salt Rock, الهيمالايا الملح الصخري, 히말라야 솔트 락, Himálajský Salt Rock, 喜马拉雅萨尔特罗克, La sal de l'Himàlaia Rock, Himalajska sol Rock, Himalájskej Salt Rock, הימלאיה רוק מלח, Himalaya Salt Rock, Хималајски Салт Роцк, ヒマラヤンソルトロック, Rock sel de l'Himalaya, Himalaya Salt Rock, La sal del Himalaya Rock, Гімалайський Salt Rock, Himalajan Salt Rock, Хималайска каменна сол



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