Smelts are small bony fish that looks like a trout and lives in the ocean before scurrying back into the rivers to spawn.

Smelt is often deep-fried and eaten whole. Some however, remove the head and entrails before cooking.


Other names: Smelts Fish, Smelts
Translations: Salaka, Stinta, Topi, Gavun, Nấu chảy ra, Stynka, Spiering, गलाना, Eperlano, Корюшка, Αθερίνα, الهف, 빙어, Koruška, Снетац, Pagtunaw, 冶炼, Eperlano, Koruška, Sperlano, להתיך, Nors, Peleburan, スメルト, Éperlan, Stint, Luktet, Eperlano, Корюшка, Kuore, Корюшка

Physical Description

smelt are small silvery fish that are larger than anchovies, but smaller than trout.

Colors: silvery skin



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