Malt Syrup


Malt syrup is made from barley and is a natural sweetener used in doughs and other baked items.


Translations: Iesals sīrups, Salyklo sirupas, Malţ Sirop, Slad Sirup, Syrop słodu, Malt Siroop, Malt सिरप, Malte Xarope, Солод сироп, Σιρόπι βύνης, شراب الشعير, 엿기름 Syrup, Slad Sirup, Слада Сируп, Malta arnibal, 麦芽浆, Xarop de malta, Malt sirup, Slad Sirup, Sciroppo di malto, מאלט סירופ, Malt Sirap, Malt Sirop, 麦芽シロップ, Malt, sirop de, Malzsirup, Malt Sirup, Jarabe de malta, Солод сироп, Malt Siirappi, Малц сироп

Tasting Notes

Substitutes: Honey



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