Incredible Ice Box Pies for Summer

May 31, 2014

Ice box pies are a staple at summertime cookouts.  These creamy and delicious desserts are usually made from a combination of cream cheese and heavy whipping cream with a cookie or cracker crust.  They are a no-bake pie (except for the crust) and come together in a flash.  I recommend making your ice box pie the day before to allow time for the pie to set.

Oreo Ice Box Pie
Recipe from The Galley Gourmet

An Oreo cookie crust cradles a decadent cream cheese filling studded with chunks of more cookies.

Lemon Ice Box Pie

Lemon ice box pie is a light and refreshing dessert.

Chocolate Reese's Ice Box Pie
Recipe from Ezra Pound Cake

Chocolate and peanut butter go hand in hand, especially in this pie.

Strawberry Coconut Ice Box Pie
Recipe by Eat Good for Life

Take advantage of strawberry season and make this dreamy coconut pie

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