Balsam Pear


The Balsam Pear is a member of the squash family, resembling a cross between a cucumber and an okra. The skin is bumpy changing from yellow green when to yellow orange when ripe.

This bitter tasting vegetable is very popular in China,Taiwan, India, Thailand and the Philippines. The Balsam Pear mostly used in Asian and Indian cooking for making soups, stir fries, curries and pickles. They are also steamed and stuffed.


Other names: Bitter Melon, Bitter Gourd
Translations: Balzams Bumbieru, Balzamas Kriaušė, Balsam de pere, Balsam Kruška, Balsam Gruszka, Balsam नाशपाती, Bálsamo de pêra, Бальзам груша, Βάλσαμο Αχλάδι, بلسم الكمثرى, 봉숭아 배, Balzám Hruška, Balsamo peras, 苦瓜, Bàlsam de pera, Balzam Hruška, Balsamo Pear, בלזם אגס, Балзам Крушка, ニガウリ, Bálsamo de pera, Бальзам груша, Perunbalsami päärynän, Балсам Круша



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