Is fruit which is similar to jackfruit and has white, soft and sweet flesh. The tree is a relative of the fig tree. An unique exotic fruit that can only be found in a few parts of Southeast Asia ,like provinces of cotabato,davao,jolo sulu ! u notice that downsouth is the nearby malaysia,indonesia,thailand! marangfruit looks physically that of breadfruit and tree is saps,bodytree similar to jackfruit!tried to plant its seeds in centraluzon and did indeed survived its hotclimactic weather as compared to the milder mindanao ! Marang is physically shaped almost round,greenbrown nupricky spines and can be opened by just twististing with ur two barehands when ripe !


Other names: Tarap, Johey oak
Translations: マラン, Marange, Маранг, Маранг, 马朗, Маранг

Physical Description

The marang is yellow-brown, 6-8" long and covered with spines that harden as it ripens. The flesh inside is white. The marang tree grows about 80' tall.

The Marang usually has an imperfect round or oblong shape. Its outer part is covered broad and round spines with mix shades of brown, green or yellow. This fruit is usually hard and brittle while it is still maturing but it becomes softer when it ripens. Since the Marang fruit does not fall off from the tree by itself then it needs to be harvested. It can be picked while it’s still hard and left to ripen.

Colors: colored greenishbrown and turns brownish-yellow-green when ripe.

Tasting Notes

Flavors: Sweet,watery,no aftertastes,mouthwatering
Mouthfeel: Juicy
Food complements: Starchy a little, And never diabetic-inviting
Wine complements: Chardonnay, Merlot
Substitutes: Mango, Mangoes taste sourly, No sourtaste for marang

Selecting and Buying

Seasonality: january, august, september, opctober, november, december
Peak: august, september, opctober, november, december
Choosing: Fresh.just a slightpress on its spiny ,nonpricky can readily tell it is riped when itssofty and u smell closer,smells gud !! u can detach SLOWLY the outer skin {pulp} and face towards the sky..and open ure mouth and pick them with your closing mouth five pcs of them ,depends on how big is your mouth and how eagerly and exicedly u couldbe !!, is ready to eat.
Buying: the months of august upto october MARANGS are allover the sidewalks,sidestreets in the provinces of cotabato,davao,agusan or almost the whole of mindanao provinces ! as low as twentyfive pesos apiece ! in could cost 3tofour times its prize in mindanao ! storage life is recommended i week only...but mind you it willnever last a day bcoz you can consume as many as five MARANGfruits in less that an hour !!!
Procuring: The tree that bears the Marang fruit can grow to approximately twenty five feet tall and is propagated through its seeds. It also enjoys the warm and humid climate of tropical Southeast Asia and needs to be watered regularly to need regular watering if planted on a sandyloam soil typical soiltype in mindanano at climate temp similr to asian places like malaysia indonesia,thailand cambodia especially in slopy land terrain ! natural slopping irrigation water may be the secret for its selected habitat and survival !!!

Preparation and Use

The marang is eaten fresh. The seeds can be boiled or roasted.

Other parts of the Marang fruit that are edible are the seeds. The seeds are approximately the size of marbles only not as round. After eating, just gather the seeds in a clean container and rinse them with clean water. The seeds need to put under the heat of the sun to dry. When all the seeds are dry then they can be roasted on a pan without oil until it turns slightly dark- brown without burning it. To eat the roasted seeds just rub the thin outer layer so it will peel off then eat them like peanuts! grinding these seeds is best substitute for coffee,cacao,etc ! They do taste a little like peanuts but milder and less oily ! may be sustitute for high-inducing HIGHBLOOD and couldbe anti-oxidant ! SO SUBMITTED !! in flavor but they are crunchier because roasting make them brittle enough to enjoy.

Cleaning: Wash with clean water and dry. The Marang fruit can be opened by cutting the rind into half and slowly pull them apart to reveal a yellow and white interior.

Conserving and Storing

To experience the full flavor of the Marang fruit, it should be consumed in one sitting for it easily losses its flavor when left opened for a period of time. Unopened, store in refrigerator.IN SPAN OF FIVEDAYS ONLY IF STORED IN A REEF BUT NEVER FROZENING STORAGE !JUST STORE MARANG AT THE LOWEST SCETION OF UR REF ! ( assalamu alay kum ....! )


From Southeast Asia. This distinctively succulent fruit is native to Borneo and the southern part of the Philippines. korek ! in manila,u may buy them at san andres market in malate district,justa walk to malatechurch ! likewise in quiapo nearby the MUSLIMOSQUE landmark ! IT MAY COST 1OOpesos apiece ! CAUTION when u ask /bargain for as low as eighty pesos and the muslim vendor agrees to ur art of bargain for a lower better buy it for the agreed prize !! otherwise run-for-your-life,should u turn ur back and ignore what u agreed on !! when setting a prise for what is vended by a filipino muslim ALWAYS PAY THE AGREED PRIZE BETWEEN U AND THE MUSLIMVENDOR ! you will never like a muslimvendor
when you renege on any agreed bargained prize !!!!!

History: The Marang (Artocarpus Odoratissima) is also referred to as Tarap.

its pysical appearance and characteristics similar to jackfruit and or breadfruit !



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